Happylegs gets positive clinical study resultsNew Study Shows Clinical Benefits of the Happylegs Walking Machine

The Happylegs Walking Machine has long been recommended as a simple, yet very effective, device to help exercise the legs of people who find walking difficult or not even possible.

Now, following a six month clinical study, patients with peripheral cardiovascular or vascular pathology can benefit from regular use of the Happylegs Walking Machine.

The study headed by Dr Javier Sanchez of the Health, Medicine and Science Foundation, Zaragoza, Spain was commenced in October 2014 with three specific patient groups:

• Patients with Cardiovascular and Peripheral Arthropathies
• Patients with peripheral Venous Vascular Disorders
• Patients with Joint Pathologies

The study concluded that regular, continuous use of the Happylegs system presented an improvement in the different variables and a favourable evolution of the lesions in the study patients using them with no side-effects.

A summary of the clinical study can be read here