'Wheelchair Steve' Wilkinson promotes Happylegs at Mobility Roadshow 2015

Happylegs – A real hit at the Mobility Roadshow

Once again the Happylegs proved incredibly popular at this year’s Mobility Roadshow.

Angus Long, managing director of Embryonyx, explains how this year’s event was so successful;

“When it comes to meeting the end user customers, the very people who end up using our products, The Mobility Roadshow is, in my view, by far the best event of its kind in the UK, so I was very pleased the organisers decided to hold the Roadshow again this year after a short absence.

We actually launched the Happylegs at the 2013 Mobility Roadshow to enormous success and were hoping to emulate that again this year. While I was quietly optimistic the show would be a success I didn’t anticipate it would be quite as good as it turned out.

The Happylegs machine is always popular at exhibitions and events with disabled people, even after two years on the market, it remains a fresh and incredibly effective device for helping people who can’t walk or easily exercise their legs.

Steve shares his expereince with Happylegs at our Mobility Roadshow display
Day one was so busy we literally did not stop all day, we had so many visitors to the booth we had no time for a break, no coffees and no lunch and things were pretty much the same for the rest the show. Indeed, the Happylegs proved so popular that we had sold all our stock on day two and had to get more delivered first thing on day three.”

So what is it about the Happylegs machine that has so many disabled people wanting one?
Happylegs brand ambassador, Steve Wilkinson, explains;

As a disabled person, and wheelchair user, I have a pretty good understanding of the issues affecting disabled people. There are a huge range of disabilities and reasons why disabled people struggle to walk. In my case its Spina Bifida, for others is could be conditions such as MS, Motor Neurone, Friedreich’s Ataxia or perhaps and an accident or failed surgery that makes walking difficult or impossible.

One of the side effects a lack of leg movement causes is impaired blood circulation in the lower legs and typical symptoms can be oedema, neuropathy, coldness, stiff joints, vascular ulcers, varicose veins and a higher risk of thrombosis to name a few. Unfortunately, one of the best treatments is to simply exercise the legs, particularly the calf muscles and thus a cruel catch-22 for many disabled people.

This is where the Happylegs comes in. The Happylegs machine quite simply moves the legs of users in a very specific way and is designed to mimic the body’s natural gait cycle, which in turn stimulates the calf muscles and aids blood circulation. It really is amazing and after as little a 10 minutes users can start to feel blood circulating again in their legs; typical responses are tingling toes and a warming sensation in the feet.

Initial reaction to approaches can be scepticism – many visitors don’t think they can use the Happylegs because they are at first under the misconception they need to be able to exert some form of physical movement themselves for it to work, like using a mini-cycle machine for example. However, once they actually try the Happylegs machine, that initial misunderstanding quickly turns into amazement and more often than not into a desire to have one and a sale.”

Steve gives his view on why a product such as Happylegs is so popular and successful;

Incredible interest for Happylegs Seated Walking Machine at Mobility Roadshow 2015

“There are many innovative and clever products out there, but if they are bulky and complicated to set up and use they just won’t get used and any product that doesn’t get used is ultimately a waste of money. The real beauty of the Happylegs is its sheer ingenuity, effectiveness and simplicity. First of all the Happylegs works, it does what is says on the box so to speak, but equally important is its simplicity and ease of use, and so it gets used – Simple!”

In summing up the overall show Angus says;

“It is rather touching to see the amazement of people trying it out the Happylegs and becoming so enthralled they are happy to buy there and then. We also met some existing customers who were kind enough to say hello and tell us how much their lives have been improved since buying their Happylegs machines.

I’ve always said the Happylegs is best promoted by demonstration and is therefore ideal for any retailers that operate showrooms or do home visits. We did a lot of demos at the event and sold many machines on the day, with many more expected to purchase post show.”

It wasn’t just the Happylegs that proved popular at the show either;

“Our new NICE approved; B-Warm Heated Seat Cover also attracted curiosity. Yes, despite the fine weather, there was a significant amount of interest and sales from visitors looking for something to keep themselves warm and cosy while sitting at home.”

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