New Study Shows Clinical Benefits of the Happylegs Walking Machine

July 21, 2015 / by

The Happylegs Walking Machine has long been recommended as a simple, yet very effective, device to help exercise the legs of people who find walking difficult or not even possible. Now, following a six month clinical study, patients with peripheral cardiovascular or vascular pathology can benefit from regular use of the Happylegs Walking Machine. The […]

Steve Wilkinson promotes Happylegs at the Mobility RoadshowHappylegs – A real hit at the Mobility Roadshow

Once again the Happylegs proved incredibly popular at this year’s Mobility Roadshow. Angus Long, managing director of Embryonyx, explains how this year’s event was so successful; “When it comes to meeting the end user customers, the very people who end up using our products, The Mobility Roadshow is, in my view, by far the best […]

Happylegs in Your Wellness magazineHappylegs featured in Your Wellness Magazine

In the latest issue of Your Wellness Magazine, Dr Sarah Brewer discusses how regular exercise can help with painful joints and arthritis. Exercising is well known to be beneficial in aiding blood circulation in the legs and can help reduce problems with swelling in the feet and reduce the risk of DVT. The article goes […]

Dr Sarah Brewer discusses the benefits of exercise

Regular Exercise Helps Your Joints Inactivity is not good when you have osteoarthritis, as it reduces muscle strength and increases the chance of a fall. Daily exercises through a joint’s available range of movement helps to maintain your mobility and avoid muscle weakening. In fact, research shows that people with osteoarthritis (OA) who exercise regularly […]