Here's what some satisfied Happylegs users have to say:

"I have now used Happylegs for over a month, about 30 to 60 minutes a day. The swelling in my ankles, foot and knees has been reduced (lymphoedema) . Also the paraethesia in my feet (caused by compression stockings) is much less and I have reasonable "feeling" in the feet and toes presumably caused by increased blood flow and rehabilitation of the nerve cells. So far, so good...."

G.E of Leura, NSW

“… Started using the Happylegs today. Started to feel the benefits after just 15 minutes. Fabulous…”

C.M of WirralSit back and relax while exercising

“… I bought the Happylegs as I have difficulty walking. I have noticed a marked improvement since regular use. It’s so easy and simple to use…”

J.T of Warwick

"... I use my Happylegs every day for about 30 minutes and I can now walk to the end of my road and round the block. Before I purchased my Happylegs I could not walk down my street unaided. The Happylegs machine really is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough."

M.L of Bristol

"... I suffer from Spina Bifida and can’t walk and have been a wheelchair user practically all my life. The Happylegs machine is a fantastic and ingenious product which moves and exercises my legs. After just a few minutes I can feel the blood circulation improving in my feet and legs. I thoroughly recommend this machine to anyone who is disabled or finds walking difficult."

S.W of Newcastle - See Steve's video interview about Happylegs Here >>>

"... I have been a C6 Tetraplegic for 24 years now. After my wife saw an advert for ‘Happy legs’ I decided to try it. The skin on my bad ankle cleared up in record time and is now perfect. I have had ‘Happylegs’ for a while now, I use my machine to ‘go for a walk’ every night while watching TV. Because of the increased blood flow, my legs are a normal temperature again, and my feet aren’t shriveled up and are a normal, healthy colour. My blood flow is now greatly improved and as a result my skin is in great condition. For someone with bad blood flow, ‘Happylegs’ is a Godsend and I really can’t praise it enough."

M.D of York

Enjoy your favourite book or magazine while taking a walk... The Happylegs makes a real difference to my legs. It’s quite a sensation and so relaxing to use." GS of N Berwick "… Just wanted to say thanks very much for prompt delivery. My dad thinks the HappyLegs machine is great and helps him to move in spite of his MS. Thanks again…"

L.R of Londonderry

"… What a brilliant product, I am really impressed with the Happylegs machine. Suitable for people of all ages really… Excellent…"

J.F of Lancashire

"... My wife has MS and can’t walk but thinks that using the Happylegs really helps her swollen ankles and feet. Thanks again…"

P.C of Lincolnshire

"... I have been using Happylegs for some time now and find it to be a great benefit in helping to reduce swelling in my ankles and assist circulation. I am a wheelchair user and swollen ankles are a problem to me due to reduced mobility but since using the Happylegs I can see a big reduction in the swelling."

N.A of MiddlesboroughAnyone can use Happylegs

"… The Happylegs is very easy to use, discreet and comfortable. I can’t imagine what it would be like without it…"

A.G of Cramlington

"… I can’t thank you enough for all the help and attention that you have given us… We are delighted and would certainly recommend your product. Your customer service is more than excellent…"

 J.H of Cleveland

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