How does Happylegs Work?

Can you really go for a walk from the comfort of your chair? With Happylegs, the answer is 'Yes'!

And it's easy. Just sit down, put your feet on the foot platforms and let Happylegs take you for a walk. You can turn Happylegs on and off with the remote control, and even control the speed too.Happylegs Seated Walking Machine is comfortable and easy to use

Happylegs is a passive exercise device which works using the same principles as walking, it alternatively moves your legs and gently massages your feet while you remain seated stimulating the muscles and soles of the feet to help improve your blood circulation. It doesn't matter if your legs are completely immobile. Happylegs is motorised and does the movement for you. The movement of the muscles the helps to circulate the blood. 

Happylegs provides gentle, smooth, vibration-free exercise for people who, for whatever reason, be it disability, old age or illness, spend a lot of time sitting down or who need help with walking. It's suitable for wheelchair users, people with heart conditions and may other illnesses. 

Happylegs movement is gentle, precise and comfortable. There are no aggressive or sharp movements that may aggravate ankle or knee joints. Happylegs has been designed with ergo therapy in mind.

The improved blood flow in the legs and feet has been shown to improve skin condition in feet and legs, to reduce swelling in feet, ankles and legs across a range of conditions and users. 

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Happylegs has 3 comfortable speed settings, so you can set your own pace and it can be adjusted to suit the needs of all users.

Happylegs is very safe and easy to use. There are no known side effects, and no limit to how long it can be used for. 

Happylegs is a patented exercise device that uses a silent motor to provide a continuous motion that alternately moves your legs without the need for any effort. This means it can be used by a wide range of people, from those who find walking unaided difficult, to those who are completely immobile.

Happylegs can also be used by people who are generally mobile and in good health, but who find themselves sitting for long periods of time, perhaps in the office or in front of computers.


  • Does not use electric stimulus, Does not transmit electricity, no EMC issues
  • Can be used by pregnant women and people with pacemakers
  • Uses natural physical and mechanical movement to move your legs and aid circulation
  • Has a quick set up time - just plug it in and switch it on
  • Can be used with socks or footwear
  • Has no known side effects or restrictions
  • Has no time limit on usage
  • Is endorsed and recommended by Cardiologists and Vascular Surgeons
  • Is manufactured in Europe and certified in the EU to CE standards

Using your Happylegs machine for as little as 30 minutes daily can make a big difference. Don't let a lack of exercise or movement be a problem for you any more.

So, pick up a book or magazine, or turn on the TV, relax and let Happylegs take you for a walk!


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