Many people from all walks of life can benefit from the use of a Happylegs passive exercise walking machine. Here are some of the groups who may benefit from regular use of Happylegs.

Frail And Elderly

Happylegs can help if old age or illness means you cant get up and about

Many health experts agree that if you spend many hours each day in sat down, you can get considerable benefit from adding some gentle exercise to your daily routine.

However, advancing years and sometimes a wide variety of ailments can mean that getting out for a walk can be difficult or even impossible. 

There is a very limited choice of equipment available to help, although the benefits can be substantial. 

Happylegs is a passive machine, which means that it moves your legs for you.

This stimulates the muscles and circulation and can lead to significant improvements in general health as well as aiding many specific ailments.

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Office Desk Syndrome 

They are victims of the so-called “Poorly conceived sedentary work”: professionals whose activity obliges them to remain seated during the whole working day (students, telephone operators, computer operators, executives, administrators, transport professionals, bank staff, civil servants…)

If you are someone who drives to work, sits at a desk all day, drives home and sits at home on the sofa you are probably not exercising your legs enough.  The best thing to do is to try and introduce some walking or other leg exercise either in the morning, at lunchtime or evenings. 

If your work or personal circumstances make that difficult, then consider a Happylegs machine for under your desk.  The Happylegs is passive so it won’t distract you while you work.

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Wheelchair Users

Happylegs can improve venous return circulation for wheelchair ussers

Many health experts agree that if you spend many hours in a wheelchair you need to keep the body moving as much as possible and it should be a regular part of a your daily fitness program.

However, by their very nature wheelchair users will generally find walking impossible or extremely difficult to do and if you find that, through illness, disease or accident you have full or partial paralysis and cannot move your legs at all there is a limited choice of equipment and therapies available.

HappyLegs is a passive machine, which means it will move your legs for you and provide gentle exercise.

There is also a range of foot straps to help HappyLegs users keep their feet on the footplates.

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A Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle, normally associated with habits which are unfavourable to our health (smoking, stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep…), can considerably harm the quality of our veins and affect the health of our circulatory system. Obviously, this leads to a deficient  return of blood from the legs.

People who have to remain seated or lying down for long periods, do not exercise sufficiently their venous pumping system in their legs which is necessary to help the blood to return to their hearts.

People with a tendency to be overweight and obesity have their calf movements and their muscular contractions restricted which in turn reduces the efficiency of the blood flow back to the heart. Other effects can be swollen legs and feet and skin conditions.

Use of Happylegs can help to kickstart a light exercise program, or improve circulation and general health with today's lifestyle scenarios.

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